Hacienda Heights, California

My experience with these guys is simply horrible. To make my long story short, went to them coz my Check Engine Light was on.

They diagnosed and tried to fix but I ended up going back to them three times coz the light kept coming back on. They did nothing but to make it worse!!! I was totally dissatisfied and eventually demanded for a refund. They agreed to give it to me but the guy who assisted me charged my card again instead of issuing me a credit!!!!

Pepboys know nothing about auto as what they claim.

They will take you for a ride and rip you off! That's what they do best.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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i just got done reading all the same stuff about: SEARS, MIDAS, FIRESTONE TIRES, DISCOUNT TIRES, BIG O TIRES, EXPRESS TIRES, it is an industry of tough customers and little patience. It might make it easier on you if you realize the fact that every company has customers and former customers.

how do think they all stay open????? look for your self....


Either they use you or you used them. I buy all my part at pepboys cause of the life time warrenty, so If I ever have problem I just take it back.

Another that I don't trust any machanic so i normally do the work myself or ask a friend. If you let them they will burn you.


well first an engine diagnostic pays a mechanic 1.2 hours to complete. anything longer than that is by the hour.

would you work on someones car for 4 hours and get only 1 hour pay?

these guys are flat rate and dont make money just for being there. sorry some of the mechanics are *** but that does not go for all.


I had my son's car towed to them for a diagnosis test that was to cost 89.99. Three days later they tell me that they had to do additional work to find the problem but not to worry they were only going to charge me for one of the two extra hours that they put into it.

I explained to them that I NEVER gave them permission to do extra work. They stated that they think that they have it fixed. Two days later they state that it is the CPM and it will cost 681.00 to replace it, not to mention that they put in a new battery that I didn't need as I just replaced the battery three months prior. Now it is two weeks after they recieved the car and it still isn't ready.

They lied and tried to state that they called me and I gave them permission to do the extra work until I informed that that I have monitoring on my lines for all incoming calls and that I could prove that they never called me. They changed their story to be that they meant to say that when I called them I gave them permission to do all the extra work.

Don't ever take your car to Pep Boys,they are incompentent, crooks and liars. Reporting them to the BBB


So true. They unscrewed a part on my car and told me it was broke. Its all about sales with them.

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