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So I needed 3 new tires for my car (front two were bald due to front wheel drive, and one back tire had a gash in it and needed to be replaced). I saw an ad for buy 3 tires get the 4th free. Figured change all 4, keep the good tire as a spare. I call them up, and they didn't carry the tires in the store, but I paid for the tires over the phone so that they could get them shipped overnight from a regional center. After speaking with a customer service rep for about 20 minutes and him running all my information and credit card he told me the total amount and then informed me that the 4th free tire was really a rebate that I should receive in about 2-3 weeks. Whatever.

I get to the store, and even though I prepaid for everything I was still forced to wait in the back of the line at the store. They are really really undermanned at this store. The line moved SUPER SLOW. I finally get to the head of the line after about 40 minutes and find out that the rebate doesn't come in the form of a check but a pre-paid visa. I'm really not happy that this wasn't disclosed, I just thought I was going to get a check and be able to pay off one tire from my credit card, now I"ll be the unhappy owner of a gift card. Kinda a pain.

Anyway, I leave my car, and then find out that they only got 3 tires in not all 4. One guy says that they are sending someone out to pick up the 4th tire from a different store to give them a few hours, then a different employee says no that wasn't accurate they got all 4 tires one was just defective. Which one was it? So I tell them to leave on my good tire for now and give me a ring when the new tire comes in. I leave the store to find out they left on the tire that had the hole in it so I had to ride around on it for like 3 days with the defective tire. I immedicately called back the store and spoke with the manager and respectfully asked them not to throw away my tires as they had a perfectly good tire that I wanted to keep. He promised he wouldn't throw it away.

I never heard back from them, so then I took the initiative to call up the store, was told the tire was there (thanks for calling pep-boys) and to come in, they will take me first and it will take 10 minutes. I show up again, again 1 guy behind the counter with a really long line. I get to the end not to be rude, but I had to get back to work so after 15 minutes I walked up and politely told the guy that I called before and he told me to come in and they would do my tire right away. I was then told that I had to wait and that there was only one mechanic there and it would be a while. It wasn't until after I complained that stuck to what he said on the phone. They changed my tire and they came back out and gave me my keys. I asked for my other tire back, and then was told that the tires were gone. I spole with the mechanic and he told me that they were never saved and that the manager that promised me that they wouldn't throw away my tire never told them to not throw them away.

To make this experience even worse, I went on the highway for the first time about a week later and when I got up to about 70 mph my steering wheel starts to gyrate very noticeably. Either there is something wrong with the tires or more likely they didn't balance the weights in the wheels 100% correctly. So now I"m going to have to go somewhere and pay to get the car checked out. Avoid this place at all costs, they are undermanned and the quality of service there is not good.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Tire Rotation.

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I'm amazed that you were able to speak with a customer service rep. I've called and written repeatedly and in spite of being told that they'd call me back, I haven't heard a thing. Don't trust these people and don't do business with them.

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