Los Angeles, California

service guy jearid grimes really told me that there was no difference in spark plugs . I told him I wanted a c delco .

he put champion in work order , tec said to me are you shure you wanted these plugs? jearid cut him off & said they are fine . car runs like *** . then he said must have been defective plugs .

or I could pay for upgrading plugs . a whopping 6 bucks not the money but the time waisted . I will NEVER go back to pepboys @ 3995 charleston in lasvegas what a *** .

next time I listen to my self or the professional !!! not a salesman.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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they will use anything the store has in stock.

so beware.


Excuse my son Jared, he is a ***.


if u pay for expert advice use it . salesman get played 4 selling .

mechanics get paid for fixing. who do u think knows better ?


I've had to deal with that man . a few times , he allways tryin to take advantage .

but if you catch him he'll lie . don't want dramatic lies ! I just want to talk to mechanic , he would NOT let me .

NEVER WILL GO back . :(


parts people don't have a *** e n clue ! :eek :cry :( :p :( :eek


I was going to them 2day but not anymore! I've been told things , now I'll go somewhere else . thankyou


I have almost the same story! probably same guy . won't ever go back .

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