New Orleans, Louisiana
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At Pepboys on Carrollton Ave in New Orleans they have a VERY rude Assistant Manager. He replaced my alternators three times, but not until after I had to have the car towed three times back to pepboys where he fought me and insisted I needed to replace the battery instead each time.

His own mechanic told me I should be very upset and that he had told the Assistant Manager that it wasn't the battery. I am now on my third battery and three alternators later and my car is once again at Pepboys. I am a single woman and had to ask my brother to come with me because this Assistant Manager who sold me all three bad alternators refused to take responsibility for the alternator draining the brand new batteries. This Assistant Manager refused to provide me with the actual Managers contact information and told me that I could not prove that the alternator drained the battery.

Thankfully AAA had a print out showing that my battery was fine when they tested it before they towed it.

I am out 150 in towing fees and lost the money for three perfectly good batteries. Any woman WILL be taken advantage of at this Pepboys.

Try Firestone across the street. They are trust worthy and respectful of their customers.

Monetary Loss: $1289.

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call 1-800-pepboys and talk to customer service and explain what is going on and a district manager will give you a call to fix the problem & reimburse you your tow fees.if you paid for 3 alt's they should have been under warranty from the first one.good luck


Thats why i moved from new orleans,people ripping off everybody. the whole city soucks after katrina.

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