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Pepboys took my 'special' order and told me 4 -5 days. The 4th day, I called, nothing.

The 5th day I called and was told 5 -7 days. I didn't receive a call on the 7th day. I called on the 8th day and was told something something about the vendor and that the part had not shipped.

I hate those commercials now because they charged me over $20 more than the dealer and I got the part from Advance Auto Part for more than $50 less. They also charged more for the install.

Boooo! Shame on you Pepboys!!!

Monetary Loss: $189.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #147547

let me guess Frank has no job and is a drop out for middle school.


A freind told me Pep Boys has a special on Headlight Restoration. Cleaning the plastic cover on the headlight. What a bargain! Regular $69.99 Now only $49.00. That's to clean a plastic lense. Well two of them. That's not a bargain. That's sanctioned robbery.$49.00???.

Get real. Try the product Met-All or

toothpaste. Use a dry soft cotton cloth

to apply a small amount. Polish the lense as you would polish the car then

buff with a dry cotton cloth.

Everything For Less??? Buyer Beware.

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