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...especially PAYROLL!!

I am currently an employee at a Pepboys store and I must admit, I am probably earning around the same income as I did 35 years ago. What a slap in the face!!

They spend way too much time trying to brainwash employees into doing things the "pepboys way". I have been in the parts business for over 30 years and am very good at what I do...But apparently pepboys has their own little world and way of doing things. And the goofy looking clown outfits they make you wear is quite demeaning. Most of the mechanics are kids who think they know everything, but actually know nothing and they will make your car dangerous to drive.

Do yourself a favor and go to a garage that has been in business in your town for a long time, and stick with them...they will treat you right!

99 percent of the parts and products at Pepboys are from China and cheaply made and they WILL FAIL and possibly get you or someone you love...INJURED!! Take it from someone who knows...unfortunately...and STAY AWAY!


Monetary Loss: $1.

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race honda's? Kinda like go-cart racing.

I am also a Master Technician with 18 years experiance at dealerships. I was Lead Tech. at dealerships in AZ, CA,..Toyota Master Tech....tons of education, etc. I worked for Pep Boys for only 3 months.

I gave myself the title "King of the Retards". Staying away from that operation, employee or otherwise, is excellent advice.


They charge me omost $1200 all together...$34 piece end up costing me about $700 of labor how the FU#K IF THEY DIDN'T EVEN CHANGE MY WHOLE BREAK LINE SYSTEM just two whose & a clamp ... lazy work no way that was 7 hours of work.. I notice once I went under the car mu mechanic couldn't believe it either


Well...there you have it! After only 4 months on the job that they basically set me up to fail at, I have been let go for insubordination.

Apparently, me being honest to the customers that I have been dealing with for 30 plus years by telling them what to buy, and what not to buy from Pep Boys is considered wrong by the cooperate clowns. I have known these repair shops for a long, long time and if I sell them a part, and they put that part on a customers car, and a month later that part fails and the customer returns with the same customer is going to be pretty upset with me! So instead of pushing junk, I told them what to go elsewhere for, and they totally appreciate that. Honesty goes a very long way in this business, unfortunately...Pep Boys LIES!!

All of my GOOD customers since finding out of my Firing...have vowed to dis-continue doing business with Pep Boys for the ***-bag move that was pulled on me. They have been in the commercial parts business for 19 years and still haven't figured it out. Stick with RETAIL business clown boys...the poor retail customers don't realize how much they are being ripped off, but the repair shops definitely know better...thanks for nothing!

Have a nice day!


Hey Mister Happy...YOU are one of the few that has bought into the PEPBOYS WAY! Kiss a little more *** and you'll be working in Phili with the rest of the clowns.

The product they push is dangerous and cheap and made outside the country. And if you are happy sucking up to make a living, and selling your soul to the people who are taking jobs away from America, I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU! BUT YOU DO BELONG WITH THEM!

I personally tell my customers what to buy and what not to buy from me, and they totally appreciate that and that is why they do business with me...if I wasn't there, they would not call!! Have a nice day!


I still would like to know how their commission based pay is legal for service writers, I doubt very highly it is....someone there needs to start a union, employees would get treated a lot better and not get paid complete c r a p


I'm also a current pepboys employee,I have a good standing,and am the first person other employees come towhen they need something done.But 2 years ago I came to work and was surprised when I looked at the schedule to see that I was only working 16 hours that week and was informed that I was now part time,though nobody told me.Then in october I was offered a position in parts and after hearing that it was actually as a service writer I decided not to take it and was informed that I either took the position or I wouldn't have a job.I have worked in service,commercial,and now retail-I even had to take a $3.00/hour pay cut after being there for 7 years.This company will *** if you don't drink the "kool-aid" and have your own opinion.


i too work for pepboys and they treat me great and my store has a great service department and parts i have good hard working honest master techs with 20 years expierience i myself have 15 at dealers and i was a leadtech there then moved on to head tech on a 4 time 1st place honda racing team there is only one reason you are unhappy galecast is no pride in your job.the ones that sit in the backround dont get raises or advance their careers make something of yourself then you might get paid for it

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