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I purchased a 2002 Audi A4 last year(march 2011), which had a warranty and the warranty company would only use pepboys. I had a coolant leak issue, first thing they replaced was the water pump, thermostat and housing, and said it was fine.

Drove it home, went out the following morning, started the car, let it warm up for 10mins, drove it a block, coolant light came back on, took it back they performed a coolant system evaluation, and said my car was fine. This coolant system check, and taking the car back to them went on for several annoying weeks, then they tell me the turbo is shot, by this time my warranty was up. Turbo specialist said my turbo was fine, after further inspection and over $2000 spent at pepboys, the issue was a $45 coolant flange, and the fact that when they changed my thermostat and reused the original, corroded J-plug which was spewing coolant.

So, all the work they did had to be completely redone, PLUS my timing was off by a few teeth. Pissed does not even explain my feelings on that shop ran by monkeys, pepboys in dickson city should be shut down in my opinion.

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J-plug was probably leaking because replacing worn parts in a pressurized system will always cause other parts that are beginning to wear (but not bad) to wear faster

because of the increased pressures brought to bear by the new parts... btw the timing being off a few teeth would have nothing to do with the cooling system unless the water pump is run by it , then YOU should have taken that chance to spend a few buck to replace that belt for preventative maintenance, thereby solving that issue

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