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I purchased a Bosch car battery with a 36 month free replacement in 01/2009. When I purchaed the battery at the PEPBOYS in Salem, NH, they did a Prostart Complete starting system test and said it was all was OK.

After a short period of time after I purchased the battery the car would not start if unused for 2 weeks or longer. I would have to use a battery charger to charage the battery each time I used the car if it sat for longer than 2 weeks. This got to be annoying so In 10/2011 (withing the 3 yr replacement) I brought the car to PEPBOYS for a new battery. I was told the problem was not the battery, and it was common that a vehicle would not start after sittiling idle for 2 weeks.

I was charged $16.18 for a "Prostart Starting/Charging system test) that did not show any problem with the car's charging system. They said the problem was not the battery and they would not replace it. I never had this problem before I got the Bosch battery and now it looses its charge and will not start if the car sits longer than two weeks. I was basically called a LIAR by the service representative.

I have never experienced a case in my 50 years of owning a vehicle that a vehicle with a "good" battery would not start if sitting for 2 weeks. I have left vehicles for months that would start when needed. Prior to the new Bosch battery the vehicle always started, even if left for extended period of time.

I know the vehicle and I know its the battery and not the vehicle. Roger Duhamel, Salem, NH.

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#396709've been jumping your car for almost 3 years and now decide to replace battery? *** The warranty is about to expire and your trying to get a new one for free. Pepboys saw you coming scammer boy.


Of course cars are going to have problems starting if not started for several weeks or more. That is why it is recommended to regularly start your car.


it may not be the battery, you need to check your current draw while the car is off, if you have a short in a device which is leaving something turned on then NO battery will fix it.

pull your battery cable and put an amp meter in series with the wire while the car is off, if you see any current being drawn even 100ma its enough to drain your battery over time.

some cars are actually designed to have a small drain due to the security system but no more than about 100MA.

we had a short in the solid state relay that runs the ignition system on our vehicle (ford explorer) that was pulling 500ma which killed the battery in 4 days.

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