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I purchased a Bosch car battery with a 36 month free replacement in 01/2009.When I purchaed the battery at the PEPBOYS in Salem, NH, they did a Prostart Complete starting system test and said it was all was OK.

After a short period of time after I purchased the battery the car would not start if unused for 2 weeks or longer. I would have to use a battery charger to charage the battery each time I used the car if it sat for longer than 2 weeks. This got to be annoying so In 10/2011 (withing the 3 yr replacement) I brought the car to PEPBOYS for a new battery. I was told the problem was not the battery, and it was common that a vehicle would not start after sittiling idle for 2 weeks.

I was charged $16.18 for a "Prostart Starting/Charging system test) that did not show any problem with the car's charging system. They said the problem was not the battery and they would not replace it. I never had this problem before I got the Bosch battery and now it looses its charge and will not start if the car sits longer than two weeks. I was basically called a LIAR by the service representative.

I have never experienced a case in my 50 years of owning a vehicle that a vehicle with a "good" battery would not start if sitting for 2 weeks. I have left vehicles for months that would start when needed. Prior to the new Bosch battery the vehicle always started, even if left for extended period of time.

I know the vehicle and I know its the battery and not the vehicle.Roger Duhamel, Salem, NH.


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I was on my third Bosch battery in 4 years, the last 2 replaced under warranty.The most recent one lasted a few months.

I went to a different auto store and bought a different brand.They tested my systems and found no problems, just the dead Bosch battery.

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I have had my Bosch car battery since April 2017 and it will not hold a charge. If it sits idle for 1 and a half days it has to be jump started. I also purchased it at Pep Boys and they would not even look at it without my receipt.

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I also got a bosch premium battery at pepboys 2 years ago, and it is almost dead.I was wondering how its 3-year replacement warranty works, and googled to find this article.


maybe it is normal for bosch premium battery to last only 2 years..then what's the 3-year warranty for?!


I am having the same issue.Replaced battery with a Bosch in Sept '15.

All was good till month ago. Car wouldn't start. Jump started and went back to Pep Boys. They tested and said battery was bad and replaced it, no charge.

Had to go out of town on business and the car sat for 10 days. Would not start. Back to Pep boys again. They said battery was good but low charge.

They tested alternator and checked for parasitic draw which both were OK.

Told me to disconnect the battery if I am not using the car for over a week.

Total JUNK!


God it's so true..your story is very similar to mine.

The vehicles that are not getting started every day is loosing the power to supply the enough charge to starter, especially in cold day this problem gets worse. I got my bosch premium batteries replaced two times already.

Since it was under warranty they replaced it free of charge.But, these batteries are TYPICAL CHINESE, they are meant not to last.


My car is a 2004 BMW.Battery is a 4 year old Exide.

It sits from December until March every year, no charger and starts perfectly.

No modern car should have any problem starting even if sitting for a couple months on a good battery unless there is something wrong with the car.I'd return every battery until I got one that worked as expected or get a refund and buy another brand.


Went through 3 Bosch batteries same problem luckily 3yr warranty every time the car sat for a few weeks I had to charge it. Finally forth battery is a charm no problems since...always looking fpr a warranty from now on though

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I agree with Bob. I work at AutoZone and a lot of the times it is not the battery's fault. It all depends on what car you have it in, where you live, and the car's condition.


Roger, I hope your new battery solved the problem, but it could be your car.Years ago when you turned your car off, it was off.

but now there is a constant drain on the batteries. Computer, radio memory,alarm systems etc. If when ign.

off you connect battery and there is a spark, something is drawing a current.This could be the problem.


I will never use pepboys again.I brought my car there to check the battery because i noticed the lights flicker when i turned it on.

They replaced the battery.

I drove 10 min down the road ran into a store and when i came out a 1/2hr later the car was dead!All the mechanics looked miserable, moved like snails and even worse was when one of the mechanics came out of a charger and i realized he was the *** flying down the road and almost hit the car in front of me on the highway as he was speeding and weaving between cars in traffic.

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