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morons,morons. all i can f--kn say.

went b ack to the boys to have my strut mount put on. that they were suppose to have done prior.another 2 hours later i am told they are doing the allignment. but they are not able to find the keys for the rims. they lost both rim keys, and the guy was hammering away on my 2000 dollar rims with a hammer trying to break off the lugs.

one rim now messed up.

no keys for the rims and they never even installed the new strut or the strut mount like they told me they hadand all my items from my trunk were thrown about on the floor in the garage along with my glove box items, they ram sacked my car and now its making morer noise and even worse when sterring. you are totlal *** ups.traffic circle pep boys.someones heads are gonna role and there are gonna be jobs lost when i call the head guys in the *** screw ups!!!!!!!!!!!thanks for messing up my ride,you foools

Monetary Loss: $850.

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