Locust Dale, Virginia

On 5/19/2008 at 5:30 pm I was exposed to fresh human blood that was on the checkout counter at PepBoys Auto 3616 S. Broadway, Tyler, TX 75711. The cashier admitted that she was aware that the blood was there, but made no attempt to have it cleaned up prior to me putting my hand in it.

The manager, Kevin Swallow, denied any responsibility for my safety as a customer in his store. I told him of the possibility of being infected with hepatitis C or HIV, and that I wanted to be tested and treated at his company's expense. He became beligerant with me, directed his employees not to talk to me, and then ordered me to leave the store under threats.

I contacted CDC, and the Smith County Health Department, but they offered me no help.

Now I am depressed and every time I leave my home I wear latex free nitril gloves due to my paranoia.

Can anyone help?

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:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry you should have licked up the blood

Ely, England, United Kingdom #26138

While you certainly have a right to be and feel protected and safe while in your local auto parts store, a good measure of tact is important when dealing with any legally implicating situation. If the local store manager is unwilling to negotiate your safety concerns in a reasonable manner it is YOUR responsibility to report the incident to his supervisors and inform them that you will be submitting a bill for medical testing that is a direct result of the biological hazard that the Tyler, Tx store manager failed to address.

Whether or not your bills will be paid, depends on pep boys and your insurance companies.

If you are so frightened of the possible infection go to your primary physician first, worry about who will pay later.

Leskovac, Vojvodina, Serbia #23243

carry some napkins and windex with you and wipe it yourself

Mainburg, Bayern, Germany #20313

you should have went after the guy who was bleeding. it was his blood and not pep boys. i think you were just trying to get something for free.

Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #13691

:cry Boo hoo hoo, get a towelette wash your hands and go on. Do you have any open sores on your hands that would allow blood to enter your blood, if not, then don't be such a germaphobe.

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