Colorado Springs, Colorado
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2011-07-19 After a brake flush done at this store service area. 20011-08-04 Vehicles brakes completely seized and locked up.

Patrol vehicle towed to store. Store reports back there has been a contamination of the brake fluid that they had put in our agencies vehicle. And the store in question had been the last to handle said vehicle. Store manager states that the full ABS and Brake system is damaged and he will do me a quote for repair.

I cannot believe we take a vehicle to there organization for a $62.99 Brake Flush.

And they put contaminated brake fluid in vehicle and expect our organization to pay $4500 to $5000 to replace and repair it all and the ABS. There is something seriously wrong when something like this happens.

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Southern California. This is NOT a unique problem. I am sure the Pep Boy reps try to explain it away but the fact is that yes, they have used contaminated brake fluid. How about a very recent brake fluid flush (at their recommendation) in concert with rear brake pads. 4 days later, complete brake system failure, pedal goes to the floor, thankfully the hand brake worked or there would have been an accident. Turns out, contaminated fluid. This is right after PEP BOYS checked the entire system and flushed and replaced the fluid. Don't come here saying it doesn't happen or that professionals there would never do such a thing, they did.

Now I am waiting to see how they are going to handle this. Who knows what they put into the brake system. One thing is for sure, they will either make this 100% or lawyers can speak to lawyers. Imagine now trusting your brakes after such an event with the same people saying they fixed something they screwed up. Righto.

If they fix it right, I will update this information. If they do not, I will also post that info and everyone can read about it, it will become a public record.


when you point the finger at someone look very hard reason thier 3 looking back at you


Brake fluid/oil get drained into drums right from the car. no used fluid sits in the shops ever(in any professional shop) So mistakes like these do not happen.

Fluid is added right from bottles right off the shelf, some ones sold to customer over the counter. After the fact, what did they find? did somthing fail on the car that could have caused the problem?

ABS motor, broken line.... It is REALLY had to contaminate brake fluid unless something fails.


they probably took a whiz in the brake reservoir :p


This a police swat suv which has couple hundred pounds body armor and road armor at the front. Due to elevation in colorado we periodically get a brake flush as recommended by our mechanic. Its my personal command vehicle no one drives it but me and this is the first time having them do anything on suv.


Just out of curiosity why did you have them flushed to begin with? Is it possible there was contamination already?

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