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i went to pepboys at metropolitan ave in ridgewood queens for a scheduled replacement of my brakes were fine and dont exhibit any form of signs of detoriation except i got 30,000 miles on my odometer.before they show signs of problem i went to them to replace my front and rear brake pads.i ask them to put a premium semi mettalic pads on both of them but unfortunately they cannot find premium pad for the rear so the cust rep ask me if i want the regular pad they have on their store.i hesitated but the rep told me if i will not be satisfied with them they will replace it at no charge.after week of driving my truck i hear some squeaking noise coming from the rear.i took it back and bought my own brake pads from the dealership and ask them to teplace it.after the mechanic check the brakes he told me i need new rotors for the front and rear and want to charge me 300 dollars fo it.when i first came there they did not mention anything about my rotors being warped and worn.and i told him when i went to the their store i just want my brake pads to be replaced.there were no problems with them except it is already scheduled.these are buch of liars and a thief to make it short.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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you said you brought it in for scheduled mait. on the brakes?

what kind of vehicle? i don't know of any vehicle manufacture that has a scheduled mait. on brakes, they are a wear and tear component and should be inspected regulary but are not replaced just cause of mileage.

Did you have your rotors machined at the same time they replaced the brake pads? if not that is most likely the reason for the brake noise, not quality of pad


I went to pepboys at Haddonfield road, in Cherry hill one saturday afternoon to have my oil changed. I decided to waited for it, and 2 and 1/2 hours later, it was finished.

I cleaned my vehicle, approximately 2 weeks later, I noticed my aluminum jack was missing from my trunk. Please, be awared and remove any items from your vehicle before going in to Pepboys.


All of the above is true. Some pad compounds also work rotors harder.

You may end up with a rotor that is concaved and lipped to the point of not being resurfacable. This is not ripping you off.

It is an effect of customer driving habits and wear of the braking systems. Making sure you are safe is always my priority.


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Exactly. If your rotors are out of spec or close to being there, NO ONE is ripping you off to make sure your are SAFE.


Any time you swap pads you need to spec the rotors, make cure their thickness is safe fro resurfacing or turning, they can fall bellow the spec and your brakes will fail. The first time they swapped the brakes they may have been barely within spec, the second time they may not have been.

Also some brakes require a resurfacing of the rotor and others may not, if you are worried about noise you will always need to resurface if you are using semi-metalic pads rather than organic or ceramic. If you want it done right it will cost like a job done right.

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