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About a month ago I went to a PepBoys store to buy an K&N air filter for my JEEP ecouse a friend told me about its eficciensy. I got the air filter and place it in my JEEP.

some weeks past and I buy another for my BMW and I notice it is purple so I ask the attendence in Advance auto if all K&N filters are purple? he said yes. I told him that I got one from PepB oys and it was white. He said that some body has change the filter and placed it in another box.

So I went to the Pepboys store and they told me that since I trow aeay the receive and did not complain in time they could not help me. I ask to speak to the manager but he has been away from the store for some weeks now, so the assistance mannager has my name written down so the mannager will call me. After two weeks I am still waitting.

This store is in Puerto Rico on highway 167, Bayamon.

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Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #17073

Wow, even in Puerto Rico, they are screwing people

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