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My daughter took her car into the springfield MO pepboys for an oil change. Afterwards, when she went to use the wipers/washer they wouldn`t work.

Fortunately she called me first. I had her check the fuse. She then told me that there was no fuse in the place where it should be. After she put one in everything worked fine.

There is a cover on this fuse block which has to be removed to gain access, and fuses are a very tight fit into the plug-in. It is unlikely that this fell out on it`s own. She also checked floorboard and under the floormat for missing fuse and did not find anything. I think they pulled fuse in an attempt to get her to bring car back in for more expensive " service"I thought theypicked her as an easy target because she is young, female, and single.

But after reading about this company online I now realize they target EVERYONE! It is places like this that give honest,hardworking mechanics and shops a bad reputation. If everyone would quit doing business with these people hopefully they would change or go out of business. Unfortunately there are enough unsuspecting people out there to keep them going.

I hope everyone who reads these posts will pass them along and maybe someday consumers won`t have to put up with this ***. I have been working on cars,trucks, and machinery for 36 years and have taught my daughter enough to know her way around a car so this is not a mis understanding on our part.

These people did this intentionally. It makes me very pissed to encounter this and if I didn`t live 600 miles away from this shop I would go into there personally.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Seems like a lot of work to go through for the guy doing the oil change for nothing in return. You even say it is hard to get at the fuses.

If you brought that car back, it would not be looked at by the oil change guy, it would go to a mechanic. Ask your shrink for new paranoia medicine.


Wow, this is another good lesson for me too.:eek

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