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I took my car to Pepboys Escondido because of a check engine light issue around 10am Saturday Feb 21. It took 2hours to diagnose and I was promised that the car will be ready by that same evening. I called back around 4pm to check and I was told that someone was supposed to call me to tell me that Ford sent the wrong part (an IMRC actuator) and that the correct part will be there the following day. I called Sunday and I was told that Ford sent the wrong part again and that the car will be ready Monday and that they will call me as soon as the part arrives and give me a time when the car will be ready.

Monday no one called me so I called Pepboys around noon. I was told that they still have not gotten the correct part. I inquired what part they need to replace and where were they trying to fit/install the part. I did my research and found out their ASE Certified Master Mechanic who worked for Ford for 15 years was looking at the wrong place to install/replace the IMRC. I sent instructions on where to find the IMRC actuation on the car and how to replace it!!! It was a 20 minute job and they are claiming it took them 2.2 hours!!!!

Then Pepboys told me that the car was running but the cooling fan would not turn on and that they will have the ready the following day Tuesday and that Pepboys will call me.

Tuesday no calls from Pepboys. I call customer service and lodged a complaint. That was a useless phone call.

I got a hold of the service rep/agent and told him to check the resistor on the fan. They said they did and that the problem was the the relay and alternator and the car will be ready the following day Wednesday.

Wednesday I was supposed to get a call from the Service Manager himself. No calls. I called Pepboys and got a hold of the Asst Service Manager and said that the Service Manager was busy and could not talk to me. The Service Manager called around noon to tell me that the cooling fan would still not kick in and I told them again to check the resistor on the fan and I was told that the resistor was fine.

Thursday the car was still at Pepboys and now they are rewiring the ground wire, the fan still does not work and now the car would not charge.

Friday same story. Pepboys are still running around like headless chickens.

Saturday I was told that the fans are working and that it was the resistor connectors. (Didn't I tell them that before???) However the car is still not charging.

Sunday around 7:00pm I got a call saying the car was ready.

Monday around 8:00pmm I came to get my car, paid and outrageous bill for the Pepboys ASE Certified Master Mechanics on the job training. Got to my car and started it. Before I can I have time to warm up the car the battery indicator lit up!

I asked for my money back as Pepboys have not done a proper job.

I got the round around, the cashier can't do it, I have to go back next day to get my money back because only the Service Manager can do it, when told that the Service Manager will not be in the cashier said the Asst. Service Manager can do it. I insisted on getting my money back and finally around 9:30pm the Service Manager did me a big favor and came back to give me another song and dance number.

I demanded my money back! The Service Manager called the Lost Prevention Manager to condescendingly explain why they can't refund me that night and promised that he will get the Area Director to call me first thing Tuesday. No calls from Pepboys.

At this point I wouldn't trust Pepboys with a Matchbox!!!

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I would have charged your panty sniffing behind 8 days worth of labor for being a whiney clam hole about the whole thing.


the ad paul is a real screw up, sad thing is escondido is his main store in his area

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