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Took my car at pepboys in Los Angeles for a tune up some spark plugs changed and a tire rotation. It took 4 hours and to top it off my car was returned in a bad state where driving at 40 and up the car vibrated to top it off the air on the tires was bad it was like near having a flat I took the car back early next morning and they blamed me for choosing a tire rotation.

I Paid extra for this problem that wasn't there and even now it's still a little apparent when on the highway car vibrates.

I took it back again and they wanted to do more work and again blaming me after for the tire rotation. That is really bad service considering they should be auto professionals.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Tire Rotation.

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***news flash** out of balance tires can vibrate at any speeds , and as a tire wears it does require rebalancing every 5-6000 miles , and if you ever think that someone in a pepboys is doing something like taking wheel weights off to rob you , they have cameras watching the employees just to shut people like you up ask to watch it


You wanted your tires rotated which is a free service take better care of your car your a cry baby probably never had tires rotated before and for removing wheel weights is idiotic there mechanics are paid bye the job they do and a balance takes up more time than a job they can make more money off of everyone has there opinon but get real take care of your vehicles and if you want to complain take them back to the dealers you cheap bastards


:cry Your all a bunch of cry babies. You don't take care of your property and all you want to do is blame the next person. GET A LIFE and take resposiblity for your own mistakes :cry


RGFYV - Are you serious? They charge like 10 bucks to balance a tire.

Seems like a lot of trouble to go through for $10 having angry customers because they have to come back. :eek


If you're getting a vibration at highway speeds ONLY, your tires need to be re-balanced. Pep Boys is notorious for removing wheels weights when doing undercar service so they can sell you wheel balancing at some absurd price.

Go get your wheels rebalanced at a reputable service facility, and stay away from PepBoys. Cheaper is not always a bargain.

BE AWARE that if you get a vibration or wobble at low speeds, it is more than likely a tire or wheels problem, and should be addressed quickly from a safety standpoint

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