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Pepboys in Newark - Limited Skill Set and can't do full end to end mechanical work. I gues I am more pissed at myself for letting these guys touch my cars.

They never call back, they never have the parts needed to complete the job, and not very friendly.

I stopped using them for work a few years ago and decided to give them another shot. A few years back I needed a Master Cylinder replace per Pepboys. I get a call saying they don't know how to fix it and I should go back to the dealer.

It turned out to I needed back brakes. And the cool thing is they check the brakes and I knw that because the didn't tighten the lugs. Going down the highway became an adventure.

I am done with them. They can change oil and a tire but that's about it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

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common sense people, thats all i ask you use

even SOME "mechanics" need some!

this could happen anyplace, did you try another pepboys? they are not all the same, and you DO HAVE NATIONAL WARRANTY!

take it to a different shop for repairs, maybe the one you went to is just full of *** people?

your right to be upset

legitimate complaint here folks!

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