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On the morning of November 15th I had an oil change done on my 2007 Mazda 6. That night the car engine failed while driving on the NJ Turnpike. I had the car towed back to PepBoys where they informed me they couldn't find what the problem was - insisting that there was oil in the car.

I had the car towed on Monday to a local Mazda dealer. Their findings were:

"Found oil overfilled. Found P0012 cam shaft sensor - found timing chain off time - found evidence of oil leak and ran out of oil - leak all under car to back bumper - removed valve cover - found intake cam seized in head."

We also discovered a large amount of oil on our garage floor Sunday morning.

The result was I had to get a new engine at a cost of $5,486.69.

The local regional (district?) manager has refused to pay anything stating that it wasn't the fault of PepBoys. My family (currently 4 cars) has been using PepBoys for at least 15 years and never complained about anything until now. I know they have insurance for this kind of thing. From a public relations standpoint I am at a loss to understand their intransigence on this.

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