Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania
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Asked them NOT to use an impact wrench on the lug nuts as they have special lock. I even GAVE them the tool. Guess what - they used the impact wrench and now I can't remove the lug nuts from 1 tire. Went in for inspection and they told me the 'check engine' light was on. Drive back there, turned on the car and the light was NOT on. Went back in and told them. Said they'd be right out and didn't come out, waited a bit and left. Never again will they work on my car. In fact, I won't ever buy anything, parts or accessories, from Pep Boys again.

All in all, a bad experience. Jim, the manager (at least he's dressed that way) is a liar, can't look you in the eye and had NO idea what he's doing. He's a detriment to the Pep Boys franchise.

I'd complain to Pep Boys but why bother - it's not like I will ever let them touch my vehicles again.

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first let me address the "yellow check engine light" THIS LIGHT CAN AN WILL COME ON ANY TIME! the job of "this" light is to inform you that the vehicle is FAILING emissions.As far as using an impact gun on your wheels pepboys requires the use of a torque wrench and set to the manufacturers specs.So it seem that you are wrong on both counts!


Of course I'm pissed off. They lied and ruined the lug nuts. WTF, wouldn't you be? And I'd hazard a guess that 99% of posts on this site are just like mine. WTF, the site is called Pissed Off Consumer. Get a clue.

And this IS a web site to register complaints and maybe steer people away from bad service?

Really? Yes, really. Maybe you should both re read the post. I don't think you understand. That or your both a bunch of Pep Boys employees.


He definitely sounds bitter. Probably not just about this car.

Ignorance is bliss I guess? Really?


The check engine light WASN'T on, they just said it was as stated above. I went and turned the vehicle on to check and NO I stated above. Guess you missed that part.

I don't see the problem w/ asking for specific service, as in the tires. It's what one pays for. Why should I pay for the mistakes or carelessness w/ others.

They take the wheels off during inspection.

Maybe it's you who should read the inspection policy?


I find your complaint very funny.. You obviously have no clue as to how the PA State inspection process works.

If your check engine light was on you would have failed the emissions test. State law will not allow Mechanics to perform a state inspection if the IM test failed.So why would they have removed your wheels ?

Sounds to me like your a little bitter about your vehicle not passing emissions and trying to blame someone else due to your lack of maintence and repairs to your vehicle. :cry

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