Austin, Texas

We took our Expedition and Outlander to Pep Boys for service. $400 later, they returned the Outlander to us about lunch time.

I had to call them at 3:30pm to see about my Expedition. They told me they found the issue, but that they part had to come from the dealer, would call me with a price tomorrow. 5pm, I get a call from Juan telling me he has bad news. They were able to find a vacuum hose that would fit, but while test driving the SUV, someone rearended them!

Not their fault, but why I was even more pissed is that Juan was not apologetic at all. Just kept saying it wasn't their fault and that we needed to come down and show our insurance. I get their and Juan ignores us. I then state that I am their about the Expedition and he doesn't even look up from his paperwork and says he knows, but they have it all straightened out and he'll call me Monday!

I ask why he didn't call me when I had told him we had a 20 min drive to come down there and he states that he was too busy. Wow, sorry to inconvenience you, when you wrecked my accident free vehicle! It took 2 days of calling the store and corporate for me to get Charles, a service manager, who actually did the right thing. He called Corporate and the insurance and made sure it was being handled correctly and not only that, he waived the cost of repairs that we were going to have to pay Pep Boys.

Now they did still try to only give me a 10% discount (something I got with a coupon anyways!!!), but the minute I said Charles said it would be free, they handed over the vehicle. However, I still had to deal with a Geico investigator claiming I was letting the vehicle be used for business purposes!

I also lose trade in value, as the reason we were having repairs was so that we could trade it in in good repair and now even repaired loses trade in value. Kudos to Charles at the Alameda store in Albuquerque and BOO to the rest of that store and their corporate office.

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Well I brought my Jeep Wrangler to Pepboys to get a simple oil change, and an employee "test drove" my jeep after they were finished, and ran into a cement pole. Now my Jeep maybe totaled, and the employee who was driving almost went through the windshield. The worst part is it was the afternoon before I was suppose to leave for a weekend at the beach!


To "me" your a *** *** learn how to type you little *** faced retard.


You you are the *** commentor one. His anger is correctly placed with the *** providing bad customer service and not handling the problem that they created like they should have.

If you want to be rude to people after the property they leave in your hands to care for is wrecked then your business will suffer appropriately. What is wrong with people that they can't just say, sorry I messed up let me take care of my mistake for you.

Instead it is always some one elses fault and pay up sucker. I would have knocked that guy out that didn't look up at me because he was too busy had I driven all the way to my nearest pep-boys at their request only to be ignored and told see you monday.


so let me understand this clearly. they were test driving the car and someone else wasnt paying attention and hit your not a smart person but something clicks and makes me wonder why you are soooo *** to be mad at pepboys. you should be mad at the person who hit your truck...r u freakin serious.u r an ***

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