I work in pep boys (not going to say which one) but to all of those people who think it sucks...you're right! Take it from someone from the inside, most of the mechanics are not qualified, they put more money into scooters and home refrigerators than quality parts and the management is absolutley terrible. people get away with murder there.

I will only bring my car into the shop if one specific mechanic (out of 10 or so) will do the job because I know he's certified. Not that long ago I was looking through their training module on the computer and they have a "what to do" if the mechanics don't put oil in after an oil change is done or if a wheel falls off. "F"in duh? I'm not a mechanic and I know that. If you don't know your car needs oil or working tires to work than you're too *** to drive. It turns out that these mistakes happened alot in the company and has made it to the training module. What an accomplishment!!!

Yes maybe pep boys used to be good back in the day but times change and I'm so surprised that this company is still standing. Too many complaints come in and out of that store. Why do you think stores are closing in the chain left and right?

This is a forewarning to anyone. be extremely careful if you go there.

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There are some pepboys that are ok. There are some of them whom actually want to get the job done.

But in thier mind they still are thinking about the upsell and the cash flow. Now those sort of people I can deal with. I used to work for pepboys in Orlando. New managment came in.

The new manager pulled me into his office and asked me to sit down. He tolled me since he didn't hire me that he doesn't want me on board. I begged him to train me his way and give me one more day. I told him I have a baby on the way and that I need to feed my family.

He didn't care. He tolled me im no longer a fresh mind and he has no use for me. He said there is nothing wrong with my work or skills only the fact that he didn't hire me. Too make a very long story short.

He gave me my termination papers and wrong some BS things like failed to do paper work and procedure. He even wrote that I peeled out infront of the store each time I leave. I have a 05 f150 with a V6.

Not made to do very good burn outs. He asked me to sign the paper and I refused.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #147534

why when a bad employee gets fired for stealing or whatever the bad mouth their employer and aslo when a customer do not get something free they do the same do mistake happens YES? :grin


i worked for pep boys 9 years and 98% of the mech's that work for them are honest.i would work for them again anytime.as far as training anybody with common sense can learn what to do or don't do but having ase's is just book learning not actually work experence i been a mech for 35 years i have no ase's so does that make me unqualified!


Pep Boy is a scam! I took my Explorer there one weekend because it had a slight coolant leak that to me was clearly from one of the lower hoses - too hard for me to change but not for me to spot.

They checked it and called with the bad news - the radiator and the intake needed to be replaced at a cost of over $900, and that was only so they could "check the block." Mind you, this is on a vehicle that never came cloe to overheating and had no power issues - it could easily do 65 while towing. I said, "Forget it." took it to my normal mechanic the following Monday (his shop is closed on weekends) and guess what?

It was the hose from the radiator to the intake. Cost to replace WITH labor - under $70.

Sealy, Texas, United States #10000

I too work for Pepboys. When the service Manager states that that mechanics are too honest....

Notice anything wrong with that statment. and need I say more.

At the moment im currently looking for different company to turn wrenches for. Unless you know someone you can trust there I would advise NOT taking your car in for service at Pepboys

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