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We took our truck in to get tune up oil change have the whole truck checked. it cost over 500 dollars no problem but then a week later our clutch breaks.

we take it back and its another 800 dollars. then we get it home and its leaking oil. a few days later i get a call from them that our oil gasket is in. this explains it all i tell my husband they needed a part.

he took it in and they said bring it back the weekend which we did.

they want to charge us another 800 dollars for an 8 dollar gasket. i got anoyed i told them the truck was not leaking oil like that. they said they moved it that caused the leak. i checked the contract they make people sign and sure enough they are not responsible for damage they do while repairing one thing.

they should have done it all the first time. i will never go to pep boys again and i will tell everyone who listens of their rip off policies.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

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SOunds like your truck was a piece o sheet

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