Raleigh, North Carolina

I took my 83 CJ7 in to Pep Boys in Garner NC after explaining the issue to a person over the phone and in the shop when I dropped it off. I was told the next day that this fuel system problem could be one of several things and they dont want to mess with it.

I asked why I was not told this before bringing the vehicle in and was told they do not have time to figure out what is wrong with the auto. Master tech my behind, so diagnoes your own repair needs or do not go to Pep Boys in Garner. On top of not being willing to diagnose the fuel system problem the service manager Mr Pro is the rudest individual I have ever ran into in a customer service position.

He either really hates his job or just hates people in general.

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sounds like honest people to me...they could of bull *** you into paying 1000's of electrical diag fees but instead they saw it was beyond there capabilitys and let the chance to make money from you go....No they do not have to work on a car if they feel that they will not be able to fix it!


it is not that didn't know how to diagnois...they just took one look at it..saw what condition it was in...and they were right what you might thought was a fuel problem could be several other things... weak coil?...valves?...

loose distributor shaft? so instead of spending a half a day on it...they just refused to work on it...so next time don't doubt the man's credentials...shadetrees need work too...

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