Warwick, Rhode Island
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My niece broke down while looking for wedding dresses with family/ friends. I sent them on their way and determined it was a crack in the radiator.

She needed the car the next day and was frantic. My only choices on Saturday were Sears or Pep Boys. I thought Pep Boys would be cheaper, so I called, they had the part in stock, could do the job, and qouted me $570. A little pricey for a $153 part, but this would make all my problems go away.

AAA towed it in about 1:00, all is good. We went back at

at 7:45 (they closed at 8:00) and were told a few minutes. Asked if I would like to pay the bill while I waited, I was floored at the charge of $798. I kept my cool and thought, well it's done.

At 8:45 We were told the engine was airlocked....really. And letting it cool overnight would somehow fix it...OK.

The next day, the first call was, they're finishing up, they'd call us. 2 hours later my niece called, and was told the water pump is now broke. Another $350 for a new one.

I was furious, but they now had me over a barrel, my niece was crying, she didn't want me paying all that money (she just graduated) and she is very proud, the car is in pieces, so I went for it. I still feel like such a *** for getting ripped off by this flim-flam man, Alfred Green of the West Warwick, RI store. I would have felt better if he used a gun, I wouldn't feel like such a chump. Keep away from these *** artists.

Once they get you, they bleed you dry.


Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Part Replacement.

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