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This is one of those instances where I knew what was coming, I still went ahead to take it head on. I never did any research about pep boys.

But some how I knew this how it was going to pan out. I wish my instincts worked out as well when I was buying the tickets for the upcoming power ball.

I don't think this site would provide enough space for my rant so I'm going to try and keep it short.

So to get to the point, I booked an appointment at 1pm online for an oil change at the Sunnyvale, CA location of pep boys.

Checked in about 10 mins earlier at the service checkin counter. Was told it should not take more than hour for my car to be ready. Went back at 3pm and my car was still sitting pretty where I had parked it without even the slightest attention paid to it. When I asked the person who checked me in, I was told he doesn't know what was going on and I should talk to the manager.

The manager gave me a lecture about how their appointment system doesn't know about how many people are booking appointments at the same time and why my car could still be sitting pretty where I parked it because there were a few people ahead of me wanting to get the same precious service (oil change) done. Politely asked for my car keys back and left as it did not look like they would even consider working on my car any time soon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

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There is no point in making an appointment with pepboys im probably one of their few customers that understand that many things can go wrong when working on cars that can offset their entire schedule i was a mechanic in my old days, and it's really *** when a few walk in customers that show up before you can turn a half hour appointment in to a 3 hour wait. Kinda pointless aint it? They should pick one appointment or walk in....which one?

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