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I live in PA and drive a truck which requires a special emissions test due to the weight rating. In anticipation of my need to have it inspected, I called the local Pep Boys in Quakertown, PA (early in January) to inquire as to whether or not they had the equipment to do the test.

I was told yes they do, and that they do not make appointments. No problem, I was waiting until later in the month to come in as I was traveling for business until then. Fast forward a couple of weeks to this Saturday. I went to the Pep Boys and registered for the state emissions inspection.

After about an hour, I inquired as to the wait time, and was told that it would be about 5 hours, and they were now not sure that they could perform the test that I needed. Not sure ? How can the "trained mechanics" not be sure ? I was mad...

I then called the store in North Wales, PA and asked them if they could do it. Again, they checked and said yes. The wait was two hours, so I immediately drove down, dropped my truck off, and had a friend pick me up to grab lunch. An hour after we left, I get a call from them that I can come get my truck.

Guess what, they don't have the equipment to do the test either - they didn't think my truck required the test (AFTER I called to specifically inquire about their ability to do it). I was told that their Norristown store had the right machine. By now, I was seriously pissed ! I called Norristown, they confirmed that they have the machine, but they were booked solid and could not do it on Saturday.

They suggested I come in Sunday morning. Fine. I got a sitter for my daughters and made the hour drive to Norristown this morning. When I get up to the service counter, I explain what happened yesterday, and told the man I need the emission inspection done.

His reply was "not today"... NOT TODAY ? REALLY ? Who the *** teaches these people how to talk to customers ???

I've now lost two days to running around because Pep Boys Sucks, and I have to *** tomorrow, cross my fingers, and PRAY I can get in somewhere. I'm in an emergency situation because I believed that the *** who work in the service department of Pep Boys might actually have some idea of what they are doing.

I cannot begin to tell you how pissed off I am about the situation I am in, and how it's been created because pep Boys sucks. I will NEVER go there again once I am done with this.

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please email me with pep boys stories need district manager info


I am currently preparing for a lawsuit against pep boys in q town for catching my car on fire among other things if anyone has their district manager info please email me also if anyone wants to give a statement or appear in court please let me know. these *** need to be delt with

my email is

Please respond with your horror stories

San Jose, California, United States #242518

ADDENDUM: So, guess what ? Pep Boys fell down on the job, yet again...

I got up at 6:30 am and was in Norristown when the store opened. I went to the service counter, and the guy told me they could do the test, but it would be a while. I explained that I had no choice but to wait and began to relate to the story of my weekend when the guy next to him chimed in and asked why the other stores couldn't do the test. I explained the need for a special test, and he looked surprised - then told me: (ready?

here it comes!) We have a dyno, but it's down. It has been broken, and we'll likely remove it and not replace it. SERIOUSLY ??? NO ONE COULD HAVE GIVEN ME THAT INFORMATION YESTERDAY AND SAVED ME ANOTHER HOUR DRIVE IN RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC ????

Unreal !

Pep Boys, I HATE YOU! I did manage to get my inspection done, despite Pep Boys best attempts to thwart my efforts.

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