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We were in for just a repair @ Pep Boys, and ended up with a broken hood, wipers, cracked windshield, and a scratched car! Is evident they have poor mechanics and overall poor customer service-starting with their management personnel.

The Pep Boys mechanic when on a test drive after apparently correcting our auto mechanic issue and was not smart enough to properly close the hood of our car. Laking intelligence, he drove our car and ended up causing a lot of damage to our vehicle!!

After going through all this frustration, we were not offered an apology nevertheless a discount... :/ VERY,VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

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I've been working at PepBoys mechanic since I was 18 years old. I went to school for it and I know alot.

I will admit, their are some people I question how they got a job as a mechanic for pepboys, but alot of them are very smart. I work in Connecticut.

I love my job. I always do a job i am proud of


You have a BA in graduated summa *** laude and should probably just kill yourself, AND you probably got your car fixed(ie windshield, wipers, hood, paint, etc) for free WITH a free rental. *** happens.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #420565

Dear Commentators, I guess when trying to put your thoughts together after going through a time of frustration, thing like a "typo occur." I am very aware on how to spell the word lacking- audience. It was a typo out of anger and disappointment.

It's funny on how some people tend to make fun of something silly like that, and does not see the point of the this matter.

As an FYI, I have a BA degree in Health Services Administration. Thank you very much...


EXPEPBOY gave you some fine advice, I also know their system all too well. The store will do their very best to sweep this under the rug indeed.

You would be miles ahead by filing a police report so that you have documentation, take it to the store and try to get the store manager involved, once he notes a police car making a report he will be sure to get involved.The sad part is that this is a normal everyday thing at pepboys, I know many times a mechanic has broken something and has denied it because they did not notice it right then and there. When it comes to the boys, remember the sqeaky wheel gets the grease! Take a camara and take pictures also make sure to get three estimates from the dealer or a quality body shop along with the cost of an equal rental car.... call the district manager,,, you can even email Mike Odell believe it or not he actually is not a bad guy, he is just well insulated from the nasty and dirty underbelly of the beast.

Good Luck.. dont give up!


I would try to contact Bert Andrade through corporate, I believe he is the service director or also Terry Winslow, you can call the store- press 7 at the automated phone line to talk to the store manager, good luck- sorry to hear about that


You mad :cry


Look, aside from your spelling challenges you are certainly upset and rightfully so. The fact of the matter is that most pepboys have security camera equipment and that if they truly damaged your car in such an obvious fashion you should A, get a manager involved and document the damage before you leave the store, B, file a police incident report which basically wont do anything however it will bring at least a visual confirmation of what should be easily detected fresh damage.

then most important contact the pepboys regional manager and send letters, send letters, send letters to corporate along with any estimates you have.

It will take forever but eventually you should get some resolution. Take it from me pepboys upper management does care for the customers well being, unfortunately the store level tries to sweep it under the rug.


I can not even spell?? *** off!!

Apparently, you do not even know how to properly utilize your grammer either... you *** ***!! "cannot" is not one word-it's two words. Oh, and by the way you forgot your period at the end of your sentence!!

It is a common ENC COMP I class rule.. *** moran. Where is YOUR college grammer?? Oh wait!...maybe you never even took the class.

What happened? Did you just make it to "mechanic school??

Poor thing... HAHAHAHA!!




Pepboys mechanics are not smart? You cannot even spell

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