Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

I took my car in for a new battery to Pep Boys. I knew that I would need new clamps for the wire as mine were corroded away.

About 45 minutes later, I was told my car was done and that I could check out. As I was checking out, I heard about a car starter installed in a car the day before and that the car would not start and had to be towed from New Jersey back to the store in Philadelphia. This was the same mechanic who installed the new battery in my vehicle. I proceeded to my vehicle, which would not start after 4 attempts.

I went back inside to let them know. The mechanic started the car right up. He told me the reason it would not start was because I needed a new starter. He told me that the one click I heard was because it was the starter that went and that it needed to be replaced.

I told him that I would speak to my regular mechanic about it. He once again insisted I needed a new starter, I said no and left. After work, my car did not start at all. Once the car was jump started, I returned to the Pep Boys store.

I talked to someone who took my car right in and looked at it. I was told that all of the screws and bolts were not completely tightened and that he tightened them and was going to run a few tests. He returned a short time later to say that the battery was bad and he would replace it then run the tests. Once everything was done, my car started right up with no issues.

I let corporate know about this issue via their online system. I received a phone call telling me that I "misunderstood" the mechanic and that he said that I "might" need a new starter. I responded that I knew exactly what I was told, and the word "might" was never anywhere in what I was told. I was told then that the tests performed that evening were normally an extra cost and that is what the original mechanic was suggesting.

If that is what he was suggesting, why was he so adamant about my needing a new starter? I was told that I simply misunderstood everything and should not be angry. The battery was bad and the car not starting before I left the first time should have been an indication. I am a young female and could tell that they were trying to take advantage of me.

I, however, know what a starter going bad on my type of vehicle sounds like and the sound I was hearing, was not my starter.

Accusing me of lying about what the mechanic said to me by saying I misunderstood is simply unacceptable in my opinion. I will not be returning and have already started spreading the word not to use Pep Boys.

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well *** Autozone that's all i got to say...


:( pep boys is a rip of thats why no one goes there instead they go to AUTO ZONE i went there got my oil and a iol filter for a good pprice not to mention they where nice


what store was this?

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