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My car overheated the day after Christmas on the way to Abilene, TX from Houston, Texas. I was in the middle of no where.

(Comanche, TX) It was my water pump I was certain and I turned the car off as soon as it overheated and had it towed to Abilene. (75 miles - $260). I took it to Pep Boys. They called me back within a half hour after they had the car to tell me that the head was cracked and that it was going to be $3000 to fix it.

I did not have $3000 to fix it and I needed to go back to home the next day. So I rented a U-Haul and towed my car 400 miles home ($400 to rent U-haul and tow dolly and $120 gas). I took it to my regular mechanic and low and behold- it was the water pump. I even paid the extra money to have the head and the block checked for a crack and there was not one.

My regular mechanic also mentioned that there is not a diagnostic to check for a cracked head that can be done that quickly. (Oh – I forgot to mention that Pep Boys charged me $38 diagnostic fee) Pep Boys knew I was stranded, knew I needed to get home and they were one of very few places open the day after Christmas. I will never ever go to Pep Boys or let anyone I know go to Pep Boys.

If anyone has any info/advice on how to report them and get them to pay for some of the cost that I incurred because of them please tell me. I am desperate and broke!!!!!!!!!!

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eric is right a block test does only take a few mins to run. the colling system eval is meant to go further if the blck test passes.

sounds to me like you needc to find a new regular mechanic. if hes telling you it takes longer than 30 mins to check then he doesnt know what hes talkin bout.


Wow! obviously no one on this forum knows what the *** they are talking about!

Any shop will charge to check a cooling system properly.- There is a very quick method of checking a block/ head issue called a sniff test- run the car 5 mins- use a hydrometer with tracer dye and see if it turns yellow- if yes- internal problems. The car may appear to run fine even if this is true- still doesn't mean there isn't a serious problem. This car was driven with a bad w/p at highway speeds in a desert- DUH. Most newer cars have aluminum internals that warp very quickly.

If you are not sure about what was preformed, then you really should not speculate.

This forum is funny... seriously.


Call 1-800 pepboys. have all your info in front of you. keep calling untill you are satisfied.


susan -

Thank you for your advice - I have filed a complaint with the better business bureau. The website says it can take up to 30 days before I hear anything.

I am keeping my fingers crossed. ;)


At some of these places their is some times one mechanic that is certified and they rest are fly by nights.They are just there to make a quick dollar.Try to keep there jobs and make people that don't know whats wrong with there cars work harder.$38.00 is cheap for a diagnostic fee i've seen $85 dollar fees.People like these make it hard for small shops like mine to make it in this world.

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I hate Stealerships that continue to charge you for what they "Think" the problem is only to have it return! Meaning, they just charged you to fix something that didn't need fixing, and your still out the money and still have your initial problem to solve.

I have read that some state's laws allow you to recover money spent on these places that conduct shady business pratices.


believe it or not, get in touch with the BBB and detail how much you spent and they will contact pep boys and make sure that you are refunded.


What I said was that Pep Boys said they tested my car for a cracked head in 30 minutes and that MY Mechanic said that that test can not be performed in that short of a time frame. Why are you so hostile???


Canadian tourist (easy prey) loose clip on coolant hose- very short story

parts $38.69 labor $142.50 need to say more?


Yes there is, you test the coolant for hydrocarbons. You your self said your mechanic did this test, and then you say that this test dosent exist???? Get your story straight.


I agree, these guys are scammers. I went into the store in Ridgewood queens with a squeal in the left drivers side wheel.

They said I needed a wheel bearing replaced, $400 because it was 4wd.

Once completed, the next day the squeal is back!! I called the store and was told there was nothing they could do...nice huh?

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