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I took my car into this Pep Boys because my 05 Infiniti g35 was shaking when I braked. They were doing a free brake inspection promo at the time.

1 and a half hours later (keep in mind this was JUST an inspection), the woman told me my front brakes were "perfect', but my rear brakes and rotors needed to be changed. She said the mechanic informed her that there was no way I could have the rotors resurfaced and needed new ones. She told me it was going to be $321.00 plus tax. I told her I would think about it.

Fast forward a week and I decided to take it in for the repairs. I had my friend drop it off because I had to be at work early. They ended up giving the car a new inspection under my friend's name. Well, lo and behold IT WAS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. They said my FRONT AND REAR brakes needed pads and resurfacing. What the heck? How did the diagnosis change from the first inspection? The car was driven less than 10 miles since the previous inspection. Well, I called them up and told them to look up MY estimate and asked why it was so different. They previously said my front brakes were "perfect" and my rears COULDN'T be resurfaced. He hemmed and hawed for awhile and said he would 'get on the first technician who gave me the estimate' and that the mechanic that saw my car today was a MASTER mechanic. How does that make sense? I asked him if I needed to ask for the master mechanic next time to get AN HONEST QUOTE. Oh by the way, my new quote was now over $400. This place is the biggest scam. I'll take my car elsewhere, somewhere the diagnosis doesn't change by week. RIP-OFF.

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Typical. I don't think they have master technicians.

Can pepboys afford to pay them for one thing. From what i hear when i had a vehicle serviced there a while back, something simple which they can't mess up, mechanics are leaving this organizaton left and right.

One thing is for sure. Won't go back again.

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Something similar happened to me.

Pep Boys in Pleasant Hills/Pgh. Pa, said after I had repeatedly complained of a past problem, that they are now going to put their "Best" mechanic on the problem.

But, he would only be available to look at the problem during the day (when I was at work.

So, I called their bluff, agreed, and scheduled a Vacation day. Then, that night before (at 9:00 PM), I received a call saying that they changed their mind, and they are not going to have any of their mechanics look at then problem.

That they are walking away of the problem, I am on my own, and that I can do what I have to do.


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