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I may not be a mechanic but I am a Mechanical Engineer. So, to make a long story short I will hit the high spots.I bought an 03 Durango to pull my camper.

It was running hot on my first trip. I drained and flushed the radiator. Bought the "correct" antifreeze. I was going to change the thermostat while the radiator was empty.

I found the bottom bolt on the thermostat housing was stripped. I filled the radiator up and took the Durango to Pep Boys. I asked them to simply take out the stripped bolt and put a new on in (I shouldn't have to give them and explanation). So I explained the car is running fine since I put the correct antifreeze in (G05 HOAT, Zerex).

I don't think I need to change the thermostat after all, but I may need to in the future. He kept telling me I needed to change the thermostat. I said no, then he said it would be a minimum of $60 just to try taking the bolt out. I said no, I will do it myself later.

I asked them for a tire rotation and alignment since I was there. They called me and said I had a flat. It will cost $25 to plug it. I told them to fill it with air and I will plug it myself when I get home (most places charge $8).

He then told me that you have to plug a tire from the inside. I actually laughed and said are you serious??? Do you really think I am that lost here??

Then they called me back later and said the stud was seized and broke while trying to take the tire off. Just seems a little shady that the whole visit was spent with them trying to rack more money outta me with lies.

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so you would rather endanger yourself and others on the road to save a few dollars and not have your tire fixed safely? you are not mentally handicap- you're retarded- btw no one cares that you are a "mechanical engineer"- is that supposed to make you better than everyone else?vv :cry :cry :cry


Only the ghetto shops stick a plug from the outside. I've worked at both Firestone and Pep boys as well as other shops.

They all patch/plug from the inside and use a sealing glue to ensure integrity of the repair.

And yes, lug nuts and studs strip and break over time even when properly torqued.

The amazing thing is how ignorant some people are of cars, and how much it costs to properly maintain one. If you can't afford it, ride a bike!


The places that charge $8 are *** places or mom n pop shops. All chains and reputable places patch the tire from the inside to be safer for the consumer.

It's a completely different type of patch/plug/item whatever you want to call it that they use. Suck it up and pay the money.


mentally handicap?

how golden.


To the female that works at pep boys. The word used was plug.

Not patch.

I've watched my husband plug tires while still on the vehicle. She didn't want them to fix the tire.

Just to do only the things she asked. She didn't seem nuts to me.


i am female and work at pep boys.... lady....you are nuts!!!!

they were going to plug patch your tire and the tire does need to come off. beings that the plug patch goes on the inside....your tire will last longer... although being an engineer you should know that!!! and could you tell me how a stud or a nut goes without breaking.....

i would love to sell people those!!!!! 8)


i got hire at PB to sweep the garage an 5weks later i is made into a certified car tech, now i can not only not fix mine but yours to. huk'd on foniks wurkd 4 me. it can wurk 4 u 2


carl obviously working for pepboys as to brown nosing his employer. has your your *** kissing made your daddy happy?


what might seem like lies...is really your lack of knowledge...a plug patch must have tire broken down and repaired from the inside....lug nuts might and do wear out over time and will sieze on a stud....sounds like that store was spot on... stick to mechanical engineering...

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