Denver, Colorado
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Last Monday(Aug 25th 08) I went to Pep Boys to have a Truck Tool Box installed.

I left my truck at Noon,said they would call me when it was done,I live across the street from this Pep Boys,here comes 3PM,thought it would be done by now?.

They hadn't even touched my truck,still sitting in the place I left it!. I said it has been 3 hours and you haven't even touched my truck,they said it would be another 30 minutes before they could get my truck into the bay.

So I told them to give me a call when it was done.

Here comes 4PM and guess what my truck was still sitting there!.

Boy was I pissed at them,I said 4 hours and you haven't even touched my truck!.

They were taking customers before me,I was pissed!. Nobody seemed to care about my situation,

they could have cared less!.

I said give me my keys I'm out of here,they couldn't even find my keys,no name on the attached tag!.

I had to find them myself,went out to my truck and threw all the attached service records etc. on the ground and got the *** out of there!.

I'll never go there again!.

Ron Hoover

Pep Boys

12820 E Mississippi Ave

Aurora, CO 80012

(303) 338-8080

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Listen to all you haters...Who Think it takes 5 minutes to do an oil change or put a tool box on your truck..This is my thinking go to a service place to get your car repaired ..then you think it is a quickie.Some instances it is in others its not its like going to see the doctor you wait to get in you wait to be seen then you wait to get out .Same way with your car..They take the most critical first.So get over it.


:grin what in the *** would u need someone else to install your toolbox to put your tools in dude u make no sence. your parents must have really hated you! lol what a waste


Cry me a river dude, why dont you install it your *** self. Who the *** needs pep boys to install a tool box?

Why would you need a tool box?

Take your sorry *** to ***-mart and cry to them because apparently you want people to do *** on your schedule. ***, boooo hooooo


When you leave your vehicle any place and yhey tell you that they will call you when it is ready they figure that you do not need the vehicle by a specific time. If you wanted you vehicle at 3 or 4 then let any facility know and will probably do their best to accommdate you

Bijapur, Karnataka, India #32770

*** on you Enemy,Go ***K Yourself!

You must work for those *** "Pep A..Holes" or in the grease monkey biz?!.

These F...ers also wanted to do an alignment on my truck,they couldn't even do what I first asked them to do!.

I wouldn't let them touch my vehicle with a ten foot pole!.


Yea Enemy getting lied to is ok .What the *** is wrong with you .If someone gives me a time I expect them to hold to it.I would have beat some *** if they did that to me.


Boo Hoo. Welcome to the real world, buddy.

You people think that everything in life should be on an exact schedule and cost nothing. Wake up!

I can only hope that whatever job you hold comes with as much scrutiny and as little customer understanding as automotive repairs do. Try changing your own tire for a change, or your oil for that mater...then tell someone that "It only takes 5 min, why can't you do mine right now?" The internet has spoiled you and the other self centered complainers around the globe by giving you everything you want "right now" How about you read the destructions on your little truck box and give it a whirl yourself.

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