Germantown, Tennessee

I have had 2 of their tires Defenity Dakota's A/T's that the steel belts have broke within the last 3 months. I purchased their road hazard warrenty but that doesnt do *** for me as they pro rate the tires with what mileage you have on the tires.

I can see if it were my fault or *** even a nail ruining tire but to have what I think is a defect in the tires it should be replace for free not cost me 100 bucks for first tire and three months later cost me another 130.00.

Well this will be the last time I buy tires from them and whoever thinks about buying tires from them better think again please and to top it off their service writers are rude and unhelpful. (AGAIN PLEASE DO NOT BUY TIRES FROM THEM IT'S NOT WORTH IT AND THE SAFETY OF YOU OR YOUR PASSENGERS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO THINK ABOUT)

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i had good luck with their futura touring tires...

lasted way over the 80,000 treadwear warranty on them

but, of course, i had the tires rotated and rebalanced every 6 months!



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