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I had purchased Pep Boys Definity EX600 tires. After 17,000 miles, the outer belt of the driver side front tire came apart while traveling on I-15 in CA towards Las Vegas. Fortunately I was going under the spped limit on a Camry and I was able to control the car and avoid a major accident.

The car was declared totalled by the insurance company appraiser.

Now Pep Boys claims it's not responsible because they did not make the tires and Copper Tires (the tire manufacturer) blames Pep Boys who did not advise me of a Recall on these tires, even when I took the car to have the tires rotated...where else? to Pep Boys!!!

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Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States #1330490

Do Not Buy These Tires

Purchased brand new set of 4 Definity HP 800 tires in 2015 and currently they have little over 20,000 miles on them.

Worst tires I've ever purchased. Don't even think about stopping in semi-bad weather.

I've even slipped off the road in rain.

They are now bald with just 22,000 miles on them.

Yes I take care of my vehicle and have had them rotated and yes I drive normal (for a 50 yr old woman)

Buyer Beware!

Miami, Florida, United States #1059561

Two blowout in 4000 miles. Don't buy it

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #945772



Don't buy the cheapest tires you can find

to bill Houston, Texas, United States #945916

Hey Moneybags, usually when people buy the cheapest, that's what they can afford.


I've had Defintity tires from Pep Boy's on my F-150 and Ranger going on 4 years now. no real problems so far. I agree with one of the other posts saying if theres an issue with your vehicle, any tire no matter how much you paid for it will malfunction.


I had a similar experience with Pep Boy tires. 4 days after having all new tires put on, the left rear tire came off the rim--not a blowout--it just came off.

Fortunately, it happened just 5 minutes before I got on 95 South, and I was only doing 5 mph coming out of my driveway when it occured. Another 5 minutes and I would have been dead meat in the gulley, upside down.

What get's me is when I was towed in to get it replaced, the salesman charged me "insurance" on top of the cost to replace the new tire.

I said that he was lucky I didn't sue him, as I had taken pictures of the tire "separation" but somehow that went unheeded. Needless to say I won't be buying anymore tires at Pep boys!


Pep boys like everyone else is in it for the money.Sell the cheapest for the most money.I have yet to see any of these garages such as pep boys, sears,midas,and so many others know what they are doing?You want quality tires and knowledge go to your local big store dealer someone who knows tires and that s all they do Not these shade tree walmart mechanic places!!


Hankook tires are made in china...cooper are made in Ohio, don't be idiots and learn our tire history before you ***-u-me the origin of pep boys tires...that's why half of all comments are posted by pepboys derelicts and dealer rejects.


8) All these people complaining about Pep Boys Tires. I have been around as a certified technician since the 70's.

Most of the time when a tire goes bad there are underlieing issues that the consumer fails to mention or even bothers to investigate. Pep Boys are not in the business of killing people or manufactoring tires.

Get you vehicle checked out and use the facts wisely before pointing the accusal finger. 8)


Well as pep boys tech I hate the definity tires and recommend the Hankooks over them all the time. See Cooper built a huge plant in china and a lot of the tires coming in from China are chinese.

mnow I have yet to see a chinese built Hankook have an issue.

As for poor management I can completely agree and its honestly not the techs, its the people supporting the techs ,management.

email mike_odell@pepboy.com with issues. he is CEO!



y'all r a bunch of crybabies!!!


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


I had some deals with Pep Boys last few years. Sometimes good prices, but just terrible service.

Low qualification of their mechanics. Managers cheated me many times.

Fully disappointed, but, anyway, today I will try to go again to buy Cooper. I do not want to go there, but prices!


I do not suggest that anyone uses Definity tires. I thought I got a good deal and swapped out all four tires on 3 cars.

1 tire blowout at 3400 miles. 1 blowout at 3900 miles. After the second blowout, I noticed that the front 2 tires on one of the cars had loose tread.

Yes, the tread was still thick, but barely holding onto the metal bands like a bad re-tread held on with silly putty. Pay the difference and get a better tire.


Don't buy tires from Pep-boys bay experience with them. Very Bad


Bought 4 new definity dakota H/T tires, while setting out accross Aligator alley in S. Florida, the right rear tire decided to devulcanize from the the rest of the tire leaving me with nothing but bare steel belts to ride on.The tire destroyed the right rear side of my van when coming apart.

After changing the tire I made it to Bonita Springs. The following day on my return trip the front right tire decided to do the very same thing nearly killing me the van was all over the road before I could get it under control and stop,(good thing I was only doing 55 in a 70 mph zone).leaving me stranded in the middle of the everglades.Pep Boys recomended these tires for my van installed them and rotated them every 3,000 miles.

I had tried to contact them about the tires to no avail. If anyone reading this had a simular problem lets join forces with a class action suit against Cooper tires and Pep Boys


Ahem, Pep Boys... Your ignorance is showing. Learn English and how to spell if you are going to spam a site!


just searched today, 02/15/11, on recalls.gov and there are no listings of recalls concerning Pep Boys. I cam to this site because it came up in a Google search I performed because I need new tires on my Elantra and got a great price on the Definity EX600, 75,000 miles tires.

this site here is not helpful in the least. I wish there was better info out there.


you all with the negative comments are all a bunch of jackwagons, PEP BOYS for years have been reported as bad service techs selling a bunch of ***. BUT, its not their fault for the problems with the tires, like anything else the tires must be cared for, tire pressure #1 cause of failure, wrong rotation 2nd.

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