Arlington, Texas
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Update by user Aug 31, 2012

The tire which was suppose to be comparable cost me $180.

Update by user Aug 31, 2012

I did not persue an argument with Pep Boys. It would be difficult to prove.

Next time I will go to Honda. At least at Honda I would have the same tire. I hope when I go for service at Honda they will tell me the tire is okay. Otherwise, I\'m screwed again.

The reason I did not go to Honda when I discovered the bolt in my tire, I was afraid of a flat.

Honda was 10 miles away, and Pep Boys was 2 miles away. My past experience with Pep Boys was fine.

Original review posted by user Jul 31, 2012

I went to Pep Boys because I used to believe that they were honest, and could depend on them. Also, they were the closest place at the time the trouble started. However, now I do not trust them.

I believe, but cannot prove that the mechanic put a nail in the side wall of my tire. I heard and saw the bolt in my tire with 14,000 miles. I was forced to buy a new tire, when I believe all I needed was a plug.

Because of declining sales, I believe the mechanics have to create work and sales.

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Livingston, New Jersey, United States #551760

Everyone knows you cant patch a sidewall of a tire. A single tire change pays .02 of an hour.

The service writers make 2 percent commision.

It wouldnt even be worth either of their time the tech would get payed 2 mabe 3 bucks and tbe writer would get like sixty cents. Not worth putting up with idiots like you


thats ridiculous

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