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Lynnhaven Pep Boys store in Va. Beach replaced four tires on my old Mercedes.

While installing the tires the young man used an air tool to install the lug bolts and started stripping the threads on one wheel. The air adjust must have been set to high. After stopping the young man from destroying my car and getting it home I needed to replace four lug bolts and tap the threads in the rear hub. Cost to me appoximately $80.

Filled out the complaint info on Pep Boys web page but have not heard a word. Be careful with any tire store and air tools.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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As a Pepboys SVC Adv. I say you shouldn't have had to pay for that.

You should of talked to the SVC mgr!

If the kid striped your lug bolt wile Installing your rims. Absolutely 100% the kids fault!

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