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I had an appointment at the Pep Boys in Mechanicsburg, PA to have 4 tires installed on 6/30/08. I went in about 5 days before to make the appointment, and to get a quote of $240 for the full price including the sales tax. That is about $227 plus the tax.

Long story short when I dropped it off I was told that it would be $270 with the tax included. I said fine because I really needed the tires, and that the tires I was receiving were not eligible for the buy 3 get one free deal. Even though I received an ad in the mail saying every tire they sold was covered under that deal.

After the work was finished I was told the total price was $292. It seems that the second quote I received was without the sales tax even though I asked for the price with the tax.

Finally the person ringing me out asked around to find out that the person that quoted me "misspoke" about the total price. He gave me an "instore" discount of $100, dropping my total bill to $170 +tax.

Over the course of nearly 20 years I've had nearly 90% of my major car repairs done at a Pep Boys, but now after all of the *** that they put me through I will be rethinking that position. Except for the occasional needed auto part.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Part Replacement.

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Park City, Utah, United States #661529

I would rather go to a animal hospital in Mechanicsburg pa and pitch in for somebody to aid in their financial crisis to pay a bill for them rather than to complain about something like this.


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry hahahahahahahahaha


only chance may have is to call the pep boys reward center and look under your reward card or activate the rewards card they may have put under your name the day of purchase and get the transaction receipt number.1-888-737-2697


yes they are a scam. i bought 3 get 1 free tires for my truck.

the never paid my rebate to me its been 2 years i sent in all the info and they tell me i dont have the sales #. i sent it in all of it. they ust dont want to pay. what an awful scam.

I will Never go to pep boys again!! Ever..!


I don't get it - WTF is wrong with you - you personify a pain in the *** customer - quit your *** - they went out of their way to accomodate you and yet you still complain - I also suspect there is a little more to the story of "multiple price quotes" but regardless they went above and beyond.

With your attitude, you would fit right in down here in South Florida - but don't come; we have enough jerks already.


There is no rebate as promised. They give you a debit card which you can't activate!


That may be the dumbest complaint ever. I haven't had 4 tires for under 500 bucks on a car since 1992.

One tire on my car more than double what you ended up paying for all four of yours.

Sure I look for sales or discounts if they apply but you get what you pay for most times. Pep Boys is the much cheaper alternative to quality products and services avaialable at other shops that cost more.


You got a 30% discount to solve your issue ! and you are crying about it ?? Sounds like you cried till they made it cheaper, if you were an honest MAN you would have only asked for the price they first quoted you, they made it right for you rapidly , I myself would hope to never see you at my place of employment for any reason


You're a dumb ***

Diamond Creek, Victoria County, Trinidad And Tobago #23491

ur are *** as ***

Yuryuzan', Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation #22152

worst complaint ever..your a sissy

Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #20363

I wouldn't drive my car on $270 dollar tires. But you have made it quite clear what a complaining little wimp you are.

Hope you have a bad day loser

Springville, Utah, United States #20305

They saved you money, by lowering your final bill and your complaining. I don't get.!!!!!!!!!

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