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I had new tires and front struts replaced for $1,500.00. The next day I noticed 2 of my tire pressure

sensors were not working, so I went back and waited 2 hours while they switched all the tires around.

They told me the would register after I drove for a while, all 4 sensors will not resgister now. They

told me to bring it back, so after another hour and a half the same results. They said their tire sensor

trainging guy would be there on a Thursday, to bring it back. I took of work and after 2 more hours

and results the said take it to the dealer becasuse we can't figure it out. Took it to the dealer and they

reset them for $125.00, but the next day one quit working because pep boys had damaged it. To replace the sensor was $245.00. It cost me $370.00 and they are now saying my sensors were damaged

when I brought the vehicle in. DO NOT GET YOUR TIRES AT PEP BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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salam arze adab va ehteram daram.harfe delam ine ke man to tamam e anajomn haye adabi dar iran ke miram(masalan anajomn adabie nima dar univ e azade karaj hamishe baraye radiotoon tabligh mikonam hata baratoon 2;3ta sher ham goftam amma hich koja baram emkane ersal nazashtid BABA NAMARDA LA AGHAL BEKHONID DELETE KONID delam az dastetoon pore va in mozde 1 sarbaze vafa dar nist (javabam ro be farsi bedid mamnoon dosetoon daram))mehran

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