Woodbury, New Jersey
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bought tires few years back. warrenty was 50,000 miles.

milage was less than half. pep boys manager first said tires were ok. I insisted the humming was terrible loud. He then said he did see only back tires were bad due to struts.

did not put on a lift did not bounce the car. just looked under and said needed struts. Pointed and said see? What do I know!

Trusted him. Gave me a discount for two tires. I could not afford struts. They changed the wrong two tires.

They took off the good front and put new bought ones on the front. Left the bad ones on the back. I called them. Took it back and he said they took off the worse two bad and all the tires were bad.

So does that mean back struts ruin front tires too? I told him that i wanted my good front back on and the new bought ones on the back. They then put the bought ones on the back but my bad back on the front. Had to go back again.

After a confrontation with the manager they put my so called good tires on the front. Words were said from the manager that I should have not gotten the warranty. He got in my face and said do you want to pay full price. do you?

do you? He said that he paid out of his pocket for my discount. These words hushed the entire store. I told him my tires were under warranty.

He said my back struts ruined them. How could that be if he now tells me all 4 tires were bad. Tell me if I am wrong. If I were a man this would have not been done.

I was discriminated by because I am an older woman. But no dummy. I should get 4 new tires under this warranty. Unfortunately I cannot afford two more.

The manager should do his job and admit to his mistakes instead of trying to hurry his workers so he could get to the Christmas party on time. Many witnesses. One man was waiting for over 4 hours. This manager said he had a 4 hour ticket.

two minutes later a man told him the job was a 2 1/2 hour job.

Nothing but cover up. So there is my complaint now where does it go from here.

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First off struts can cause a cupping on ur tire Which cause a humming noise that's not a warranty problem..


Pep Boys. Isn't that the "Minnie, Ma, and ***" company?

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