Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Took my car in this past Saturday to Pep Boys for a routine oil change and break inspection. Waiting a couple hours which was fine with me since I walked to the restaurant beside it and grabbed a *** to eat.

I walked back down later and then waited some more in their store's customer lounge. The tech came out and said that the air filter was real dirty and needed replaced. I said go ahead and change it too. All in all it was $61.

and change. Immediately after leaving I noticed that the car idled very high, much higher than normal. I first thought it was due to the new air filter. I took it back two days later after the engine light came on.

They did a "courtesy" check for a the code, and the guy said well I'd like to get a "master" tech to look at it but can't be till Friday. I said fine. Well I just left and the guy smiled and said well you had a busted vacuum line. We went ahead and replaced it, and I didn't charge you anything to replace the hose.

I was thinking GREAT. He handed me my key to me and said it would be $106.00 I said for what, and he said that it was for diagnostics. I was ticked. Car was idling fine till your guy replaced the filter!!!

He said it was a coincidence...Yeah Right! Rip offs, won't be going back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

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hahahahaha that's expensive air filter!!! :p


Hey This happens to me to, every time i change an air filter my vaccum hose busts by its self. strange. Last time my air freshener also stopped working.


should have repaired problem yourself


Which pep boys was it?


Glad I'm not the only one that had a problem with pep boys

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