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After 3 months of fighting with Baja i finally got the ok to return the go cart. Baja told me to leave the 150cc cart at the repair shop.

Its been in this shop for three months. I was told to return to Pep boys with a confirmation number and i would get my money back. Now 4 days later i have no money no go cart and they dont know when i will get my money back. This was a Christmas present for my three kids.

Mabeye they will return my money before next Christmas.

To be continued. Hope this dont happen to you.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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Wow! Thanks for the warning :)


your problem is with Baja, not pepboys. When you purchased the item you were told about the lack of warranty.


My husband just purchased a go kart for my grandson. The first time he used it the stering wheel froze up.

What was your problem and what kind of a go kart is it. Thanks for return answer.

They told him he would have to take it to someone to look at the problem. I want our money back as this could be a killer.


nahhhh .5 is not gettin paid.


haha no...you see when you work on one its called a large cart dealer prep in which you get PAID for...and i would rather have my go cart worked on by somebody who knows what theyre doing...ya know?


to the "a pepboys mechanic" you are a disgrace to the company and should be fired! and the shop i work at the mechanics that work on the baja scooters are the ones that cant fix a car....AHHHHH HAAAAAA loser


having had to build many of those go karts myself i would recommend not buying any kind of transportation from pep boys, save the razor scooters, baja is a cheap company and you get what you pay for

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