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I made a recent purchase at Pep Boys, and on the register tape was a site listed where you could take a customer satisfaction survey and get 10% off your next purchase.

After completing the online survey I never received my coupon for the next visit. No one answered my emails, and when I called customer service on the phone I got more runarounds than a NASCAR race track. Everyone I spoke to said it wasn't their department, please hold and I'll transfer your to xxx, ultimately I would up with the original person, who finally said to check my spam filter. D'oh.

Here's a newsflash, Bozo - I cut up my Pep Boys cards today, and I'll push, pull, or tow my vehicle to your nearest competitor before I ever set foot in one of your stores again.

This outfit must've been founded by the Three Stooges.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Rebate.

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Lodi, California, United States #1217943

The work they did on my wife car was great did a good job, the store in LODI-CA, KEITH the store manger for auto, big help getting every thing done


I agree...the desk staff at the store I deal with do a terrible job of communicating, listening and doing their basic job.

Clermont, Florida, United States #737058

Pep boys on us 27 Clermont Fl 34714 is one of the most ripoff stores I've ever seen. First time I went there To check the check engine light they told me that I would be charged if I only check it or I would not be charged if I check it and fix the car there.

I Ended fixing the car there and guest what? They charged me $80.00 for checking what the problem was, the same Puertorican fat bolt guy that told me I wouldn't be charged,he denied everything. By the time I was talking to him he calls the next in line.

I got so mad that I asked for a manager and his response was: I am the manager,even though his shirt was the same as everybody else, I guess everybody is a managed at that shop. Do not recommend pep boys at all.


I have to agree with all of the above complaints!!!! I just went there with a nail in my tire and asked if they could fix it.

The guy told me he would not be able to till tomorrow!!! He told me they were to busy..As I look around I see no one in the store and 3 men walking around in the tire area....

This is not the first time i have had problems with them, but it will be the last... I will walk 10 miles out of my way before I ever go in that store again..


Went to Pep Boy's today and complained about a lot of small problems, thay were able to fix most of them but not all. So I'm going

back tomorrow and complain and get everything for free! :grin

Macon, Georgia, United States #403672

I had my van serviced and tires replaced at PepBoys Spring Valley, Ca. They did their job but did not pay attention to another concern I have.

I told them to check the squeking sound and fix if possible. One person even wrote it down to their logbook to make sure it's done. GUESS WHAT???

It's not done. This is UNSAT and I'm not going back nor recommend pepboys to anyone!!!

Paulista, Pernambuco, Brazil #403668

I do not recommend Pepboys, especially one in Spring valley, Ca to anyone. These people are not kwoledgeable and don't know what they're doing. Pepboys STINKS!!!


people need to get a life......20 $ tow assistance what more could you WANt. Free rotates and flat repairs.and lastly is not there fault your car is a p.o.s


:cry keep pushing your car. go back to school and learn how to read


The 10% coupon comes with a caveat... if you fill out a survey each time you shop there they stop sending the coupons. NO, it isn't any spam filter involved and I've used three different email addresses that receive the coupon for a couple of times than nothing.

I'm filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the California Fair Business Practices Commission. This is highly illegal!

I filed a complaint against Harbor Freight's "free" offer and now 1 month later Harbor freight is "playing fair"!!!

Pissed? File a complaint!!! :(


Chris, I wish they had done that for me. It would have been so simple.

One click and everyone would have been satisfied.

Instead, they lost a long-time customer.

Their loss, not mine. Not a good way to do business.


Rule# 1- The customer is NOT always right.....

had a problem with my rewards points not posting...emailed them and they had it fixed in 2 days....don't know what your issue is


Tony Dude,

Do yourself a favor and spend a few of the bucks you saved at Pep Boys on an adult-education English course.


Dude get a life , an stop righting about how much you hate pep boys cuz they tried to help you fix your car but your to cheap to listen


Well, panel of experts,

1. There is no spam filter in effect, and

2. Not one of the so-called customer service people would step up to the plate and make things right. Evidently it was-pass-the buck day.

Rule #1 - A business never wins an argument with a customer. Never. They had a chance o make it right, but they failed.


I used a free $10 rewards certificate and a 10% survey the other day, open your email ***, you don't see any other auto chain stores doing this and they are cheap....and no I don't work for them, don't throw out your back pushing your pos.


I alway have a great experiance when I visit my local Pep Boys, I rate the customer service a 10, keep up the great job you do, I will forever be a Pep Boys customer.


:zzz I always get my coupons


How can the company undo your email spam filters?? A little ownership would go a long way for you..

I received my coupon immediately after doing the survey..

Its people like you who dont think that cause more issue than your worth...


:cry learn how to read emails. i always get mine. have fun pushing your car

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