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Back in January of 2008, I had my 1987 Pontiac Fiero GT into the above PepBoys location for a tune up, and also to clear up a problem with the car starting properly. They did the tune up, and inserted a new alternator and battery, which seemed to solve the starting problem. In May of 2008 (Three weeks ago) I had the car back into PepBoys for the same issue, in which the car would not start at all. This was occuring especially in damp, rainy and/or cold weather, so I wanted this taken care of. They inserted a new battery and alternator again, but this time unbeknownst to my spouse and myself, they failed to install the battery correctly, and we wound up having to take the car back into the same location 4 additional times!! Each instance, they insisted nothing was wrong, because they were able to supposedly start the car. The problem was, that this issue was taking place first thing in the morning (At 5:30PM EST), as I am trying to get into work, so Iam getting frustrated over this. Upon the 4th time (June 12, 2008), I am soo distraught, that my spouse begins to handle the matter for me, and when she spoke with the managers (Jose and Mike) they did nothing but act condescending to her, telling her they found nothing wrong with the car, claiming they had someone look at the car for 3 1/2 hours to 4 hours on another day, telling her things like, 'the car is old', and that 'they don't make the car anymore', treating her like she was a dumb female!! My spouse refused to be treated like this, so they relented to having the car in their care for the next couple of days. On Saturday June 14th, we receive 2 phone calls from PepBoys,(7:46 and 8:16 AM EST) but they fail to leave a voice mail message!! When my spouse contacted them, she spoke with Jose, who informed her, that they had 'finally' found the issue, and that it was 'discovered' that the battery was not installed proeprly. Apparently, when they installed the battery (According to Jose) there was some type of felt/foreign object between the battery connector and the wiring. This resulted in the constant failure of the car to start first thing in the AM. On top of all of this, when I attempted to contact the store, he is told the manager is not available, and treated rudely. My spouse also attempted to contact the corporate office, but no response, yet.

As of this moment, we have filed a complaint with the PA Attorney General's Office, and would love to hear from an attorney.



Monetary Loss: $500.

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Today I was at Pep Boys in the service area waitin for my vehicle to get service when I herd an a employee name Jessica screamed at another female employee that works in the shop to go home! she scared the *** out of me as I was reading a book!

I felt so bad for the female mechanic that walk away so embarrased.what a rude service advisor name Jessica she could of pulled her to the side! :?

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