Dallas, Texas
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Stock now at less than $4.00. Hilarious. All those dim bulb execs and *** area directors can't seem to buy their way out of this mess.

Looks like their former President saw the writing on the wall when he took his 17 million and headed for the hills. Pepboys is the joke of the automotive industry.

Take your car to Pepboys and be prepared to pick it up in worse condition than when you dropped it off.

Then be prepared to deal with Area Directors that are not only spineless but incompetent too. Its easy to work for Pepboys, all you needs is zero skill and zero intelligence and your management bound.

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I agree my AD likes to hire the people that kiss his *** the most! These people never know the job and always get it over the ones that do.

I *** dont believe me Go in to the Indian School Store ot the Cactus store and talk to any of the managers! They are idots that dont know there jobs but do know how to ask and take the credit for the job thatey had someone else do!


Pepboys stock is plummeting because I can't run a store very well.

Now I have to brown nose Roach some more.


Roflmao......The clown bus pulled in


$4.00 ! !


! I better go apply at Autozone


I agree, especially in Dallas where the AD is a complete ***. My store worked on MY car and totally messed it up and Roach the bonehead won't fix it.

So I am going to get my money out of that store, one way or another.

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