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Pep Boys Stenton Ave, I took my car to have it inspected and 1 1/2 hrs later it still had not been touched so I went to the counter to find out how much longer I would have to wait and 5 service associates stood there laughing and having a good time while I stood there and not one of these very unprofessional people tried to help me. I could not believe they saw me standing there and not a one of them who were doing nothing tried to help.

I am done with that Pep Boys and any other that allows service associates to stand around giggling instead of helping customers.

Stenton Ave. Pep Boys is in serious need of a new manager.

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This type of inattentiveness to customers inside a pepboys store happens more often than

you think. So many times I've walked out without a purchase because there is nobody to

help out.

A big store mind you. Maybe saw 3 employees on opposite ends of the place doing or not doing anything.

I did not even know if they saw a customer inside. Drove a across the street and got what i needed.

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