Houston, Texas

I’m writing you on behalf of my Mother a 68 year old Grandmother who was treated unjustly by PEPBOYS AUTO located at 850 Sunrise Hwy in Baldwin, NY 11510 phn: (516) 223-0600 – STORE# 283.

On Friday September 19th 2008 she took her 1996 Chrysler Cirrus in have the oil changed & N. Y State inspection done. They proceeded to tell her she needed a tune up. She was charged $589.37.

She drove home, which is only 5 minuets away parked the vehicle and did not drive until Sunday morning going to church, which is about 3 miles away. After church she proceeded to drive home and she saw smoke coming from the hood of the car.

She then decided to take the car back to PEPBOYS AUTO (5 minuets away) for them to review, by the time she arrived the car was on fire. The Baldwin fire department was called - located on 2386 Grand Ave Baldwin, N.Y. 11510 phn: 516-223-6858

The on duty assistance manager told my mother she would be reimbursed that PEPBOYS had insurance, rent a car if she needed to or take a taxi and to leave her car there they would put it in their service garage and to come back the on Monday 9/22/08 to speak to the auto service manager James Tristram.

When we talked to the manager there was a different story, “PEPBOYS did not cause the fire theirs nothing they could do”. He walked us to the service garage where we spoke to the mechanic Patrick McLean who was loud and seemed irritated by our presents. They left me and my mother standing in the service garage unsupervised by her car for several minuets.

We walked back into the store waiting for speak to the manager who ignored our presents and the assistance manager was too afraid to talk to us. I am appalled how we were treated with such disregard and that our concerns were not taken seriously.

I have submitted a letter of complaint to one of our local news stations regarding this issue as we have heard several horror stories about PEPBOYS AUTO since my mothers’ occurrence just a few days ago.

This vehicle has never been out of New York State she only driven it to work, church, doctor and errands around town. She was over charged for the service (if it was needed at all) and was treated unfairly by senior management.

Monetary Loss: $589.

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Katy, Texas, United States #876385

do you know the difference from houston texas and new york


I want to apologize for talking bad about your experience. I now realize that pep boys does S U C K real bad.

I work there and they trashed my car!!


Pepboys - Bottom Feeders of the Automtive industry


:grin I think your crazy pepboys is the only place ill take my cars!! u called the news wow!

your a real winner!

let me guess your one of those sue happy people like when the dog from next door *** in your yard and u sue your them. lmfao grow up get over it!!


:x That sucks...By the way, it's presence, not presents. Unless you bought them gifts for ruining your car.

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