Lake City, Florida
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I waited nearly two hours for a tire service. The tire was flat the next day.

I went back to get it fixed right the next day and was told I would have to wait a long time again. I asked for an appointment but they said no.

About this time, a manager named Joe that I was not talking to jumped into the discussion and said that I was responsible for all the flat tires in the city, because I was wearing a shirt with a roofing company logo on it.

I'm telling all my friends to stay away from this place.

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My main question is how was the tire flat? Was it leaking from the bead, leaking from the valve stem or punctured?

Being a service tech I mount tires daily. I had one customer come in for 9am for four tires and an alignment. around 230pm she came back complaining her tire was flat and that I did something wrong.

Upon inspection another tech found a drywall screw had punctured her brand new tire. After raising *** toward the cashiers she was embarassed having been shown it was her route of choice that damaged the tire.

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