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I recently took my 1983 Toyota truck to an Albuquerque Pep Boys (store #697 on 4523 Central Ave NW) for a tune up. I was sold the "platinum +2 tune up package" for an estimated $95.

A service "mechanic" approached me in the waiting area and said I needed a new distributor cap and rotor, and the cost would be an extra $47 (labor)plus parts ($22). He had to have taken the cap off, as he stated that the contacts were worn. I've done some shade tree auto mechanics in the past, and I knew that to replace the cap and rotor takes about 45 seconds, so I declined. I did buy the cap and rotor, and installed them in the parking lot.

It took me all of the estimated 45 seconds to do it. There's just two screws holding the cap in place, and the rotor just slips off/on the distributor shaft. I feel that paying $95 for their "Platinum tune up" should have included replacing the cap and rotor, included in the price of the tune up. Furthermore, I tried to go on their website to register a complaint, and it's been down for over a week.

I'll never go back to Pep Boys again for any kind of service.

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Yuryuzan', Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation #22339

if you could replace those parts yourself why did you go to pepboys to have them replace spark plugs and an air filter? which is what the platinum tune-up 2 is. im assuming that if you have an 83 truck the plugs are not at all difficult to get to

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