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Pep Boys 1941 Forest Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10303

Returned battery that wouldn't start my car. I was told it was a good battery.

They showed me a printout that battery was good. I spoke with technician and he checked battery and said battery was overcharging I had a bad alternator. I mentioned the car is an antique and hardly driven. The tech blamed the bad battery on my trickle charger.

Pep Boys finally replaced the battery. I placed the battery in car and car wouldn't start. I checked battery with load tester and it was weak. I also placed the battery on my charger and it wouldn't take a charge.

I brought the second battery back to Pep Boys and again they tested the battery and gave me the printout saying the battery was good. I showed him on my load tester the battery was weak. He said I killed the battery by trying to start the car. Mind you I only tried to crank the motor twice.

I got one *** remark and explanation after another. None of it made sense. I walked out of the store stating I was going to Sears and buying a die hard or an interstate battery. I told them if the battery started my car I would write bad reviews on their store.

Well the car started with a Sears die hard and this is my second of bad reviews I will be writing for Pep Boys on Forest Avenue,Staten Island.

It's almost as if Pep Boys took my battery to the back of the store and tested a good battery to show me a printout that said battery was ok. How else can you get a bad battery to say battery is good.

Pep Boys was one of my favorite stores to shop for auto supplies. Not anymore I propably will be shopping at Advance Auto from now on.

Monetary Loss: $109.

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Pepboys battery's are made by Johnson controls who makes die hard and interstate battery's ***

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